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Apr. 8th, 2017 10:06 pm
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Rules and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

These rules are current as of 13 August 2015 Thursday. Please read and review carefully.

01. How does this community work? First you must join the community in order to sign up for a claim.Once you've done that, figure out what two fandoms you'd like to write in and then pick two prompt tables and then visit the claims post and stake your claim.

02. What can I claim? Pretty much anything goes. Participants can claim a chracter, pairing, threesome/moresome, group or general series. As of 30 October 2010, crossover claims are allowed. However when claiming, your two claims should be different from one another. In other words, you can't claim Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for both of your claims. You can however, claim Buffy Summers for your first claim and Xander Harris (also from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) for your second claim.

03. Someone has claimed what I was going to claim, what can I do? There are no restrictions against more than one member having the same claim.

04. Can I post two claims at the same time? Yes, but each claim MUST different. Members can claim up to FOUR prompt tables.

05. Can I claim Original Characters? Yes, you can claim original characters within existing fandoms.

06. Does every piece have to include the character/pairing/group I chose? For a character, certainly. If you chose a pairing, your fic should at least allude to it. With group claims, it can be difficult to include every single character but the majority of the characters should show up in your fics. At the completion of your five fics, all of the characters should be present.

07. Can I post fics that I wrote before I signed up for the challenge or for another challenge? No. If I find out that you did I will delete your post, although I am not going to serach the net to check on it. All fics posted for this challenge should be new. This means anything posted prior to your claim being approved are not allowed. You can combine this challenge with other challenges to write a single fic for multiple claims.

08. Can I edit/reassign my fics? Yes, sure. Just go to your post and click on 'edit' (the little pencil icon) and then you can change whatever you wanted to change.

09. How long do my fics have to be? They have to be at least 100 words, but otherwise they can be as long as you want.

10. Which pairings and ratings are allowed? All pairings, genres and ratings from G to NC-17 are allowed. Just please make sure to specify appropriately, e.g. rating and warnings.

11. Are there any deadlines? No, none at all. Really, you can take as long as you want to complete your claim.

12. Can I post fics that I've written for this challenge elsewhere? Yes, you can. It's totally your work, after all.

13. How central does the prompt have to be in my fic? Not very central. You can just use it as an inspiration and it doesn't even have to be mentioned in your fic.

14. What do I do when I've completed all my fics? When you're done with all ten fics, please let me know in the Hall of Fame post.

15. Why can't I immediately post in the community? This is because the admin of the community has to approve your request to join first. If this shouldn't happen for some reason, please feel free to drop a comment on the matter.

16. Do you allow RPF/RPS claims? Yes we do. We also allow slash, femslash, het and character specific claims.

17. I would like to affiliate with this community. Where can I do that? Please leave a comment at this post.

Should you have any more questions, please feel free to post a comment to this post.


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